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In Custardy!

Before the show begins, as people are starting to join the Zoom, you can have a look at some details of the characters below. You will need to pay close attention to them all. Any one could turn out to be a murderer!

Bob Roberts

Retired builder and horse breeder. Married to Sylvia, father to Bobby, George, and Victor.

Sylvia Roberts

Ever disapproving wife of Bob Roberts. Loves to cook. Mother to George and Victor.

George Roberts

Divorced (un-amicably) eldest son of Bob and Sylvia and father to Charlie. Has ambitions to become an MP.

Victor Alexander Roberts

Youngest son of Bob and Sylvia. Loves his mum, and is good friends with Bobby. The rest of the family though... 

Bobby Roberts

Illegitimate son of Bob and the now-deceased Regina. Professional boxer and good friend to Victor.

Charlie Roberts

Child of George and Abeeda. Loves horses and has ambitions to go to drama school.

Abeeda Roberts

Ex-wife to George and mother to Charlie who can't stand the family's bickering and posturing. 

Christopher Snellgrove

Loyal butler to the family for many years, and Bob's confidant.

Detective Paul Anderson

Newly qualified as an Inspector and with 0 cases under his belt. Eager to make a good impression on the force.